Who Are We?

In 1983, Al Burj Engineering Consultants manifested out of the love for the United Arab Emirates. Created by Abdullah Al Jassmi just 11 years after the formation of the UAE, ABEC hoped to enhance the growth and development in the country by providing expert solutions in the field of planning, engineering and arhcitecture. Starting in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as the Chairman of ABEC, Mr. Al Jassmi has successfully expanded the company. ABEC can now be found in Al Ain and Dubai. Outside the UAE, ABEC can be found in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as Egypt. Armed with his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering alongside his passion and drive led the prosperous growth of the company. Now, ABEC stands proud with 100+ employees, all of whom share the vision of Abdullah Al Jassmi. Our planners, engineers, and architects are are enthusiast in their fields and are constantly on the look out for the latest technology that can lead society towards a sustainable future. In 2013, our team welcomed Dr. Hamad Al Jassmi who received his Ph.D in Civil Engineering from University of New South Wales in Australia. His extensive knowledge has drastically improved operations in all our offices. He brings with him a personal touch that makes our clients feel like part of the team. Today, we are privileged to include Government agencies as well as Private Sector companies on your clientele. 
Al Burj Engineering Consultants stands by our core values of providing services in various areas towards the betterment of society.

We promise to only provide only the best while keeping innovation and sustainability at the heart of decision making. 


To provide technologically advanced and expert planning, architectural, engineering & construction supervision solutions that accelerate the sustainable development in the MENA region.


To become one of the leading consulting agency in the UAE and the MENA region by focusing on the technological and environmental trends in order to provide expert architectural, planning, and engineering solutions.

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