Saad Fat’hy, General Manager
BSc Architecture

With a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Saad Fat’hy has been with Al Burj Engineering Consultants since March 1989 and demonstrated strong leadership capabilities in managing the design delivery of 400+ projects regionally.

Saad Fat’hy leads the management in the day-to-day running of Al Burj in accordance with the business plans and within the budgets approved by the Chairman, Mr. Abdullah Al Jassmi.

He secures creative consistency, talent strength and financial profitability, which are the three core pillars of Al Burj Engineering Consultants.

Saad Fat’hy has successfully led the growth of Al Burj Engineering Consultants into a team of 200+ Architects, Engineers, Planners & Construction Supervisors.

Gamal Eldaley joined Al Burj’s Abu Dhabi office in 1992 as a Civil Engineer. He currently leads the procurement division in Al Burj.

His in-depth knowledge of regional forms of contracts including various bid strategies has enabled Al Burj in winning large-scale multidisciplinary projects.

In addition to identifying and partnering with international consultants for the design delivery of large design projects, Gamal Eldaley also oversees the Construction Supervision division in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Gamal has expanded Al Burj Engineering with in-house R&D and encourages design teams to specialize in high standard architectural project presentation & 3D production such as realistic computer graphic, Interactive multimedia, Virtual Reality and state of art 3D-Studio.

Gamal Eldaley, Head of Procurement
BSc Civil Engineering

Sheheryar Adeel, Assistant Director
BEng (Hons) Civil Engineering with Project Management,
MSc Sustainable Concrete Design and Construction Management,
Chartered Civil Engineer (UK) – CEng

With a proven track record of successful delivery of large scale multi-disciplinary design projects from concept to detailed design in Europe and Africa, Sheheryar Adeel – Member of the prestigious Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), joined Al Burj Engineering Consultants in 2018.

Having developed strong technical background with a global engineering practice in the UK, Sheheryar Adeel is currently responsible for the strategic growth of Al Burj Engineering Consultants across all disciplines. Prior to relocating to the UAE, Sheheryar Adeel worked on key transportation projects including Crossrail Farringdon Station, Victoria Station Upgrade and the Northern Line Extension.

His instinctive can-do attitude to life and business is reflected in Al Burj Engineering Consultant’s ethos. Furthermore, he develops and proposes the company’s growth strategies and policies for the Board’s consideration.

Sheheryar is dynamic, result driven individual and believes that strong teams and teamwork are key to fostering innovation, effective communication and achieving Al Burj’s strategic goals in today’s challenging economical period.

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