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We hold an Unlimited License from Dubai Municipality and we design elements to various International Codes of Practice including British Standards, EuroCodes, International Building Code and the Uniform Building Code.

On the basis of our expertise in cast-insitu, flat slab, ribbed slab, precast and hybrid forms of construction, our engineers are always on the lookout for providing the best value to the clients.

Our structural design experts understand the existing economic challenges and put buildability at the heart of their design and ensure our clients achieve maximum savings through cost-effective design and construction.

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We offer structural engineering as one of our core services. Together, our senior staff have over 40+ years of combined experience in this important discipline. We assist our clients with structural engineering services at all phases of their projects.

We conduct evaluations and inspections of the foundation and design, perform all necessary calculations, conduct rigorous structural testing, inspections, investigations, and studies, and even assist with acquiring building permits. We are proud to offer this fundamental, important engineering service to our clients and we strive to deliver nothing but the best, strongest, and safest results for our community.

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