Renovation and refurbishment of existing buildings is becoming more and more important these days as space and resources are often restricted, especially in urban areas. Adaptations and extensions of buildings are a good alternative to constructing new buildings and preserving vital resources for future generations.

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Adaption, maintenance and repair are key options in ensuring premises are to a good marketable or occupier standard. Refurbishment can also address increased operational expenditure attributable to older and less energy effective services or dated and inefficient building components. It may also present you with the opportunity to bring the building up to current statutory and environmental standards.

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Al Burj Engineering Consultants have the experience to take a project from inception through to completion of the works on site. From conversations with you and/or your agents, we can evolve your brief advising you on the professionals who may add value to the process; the statutory consents you may require; certified environmental benchmarking such as BREEAM; the preparation and tendering of specifications; appointment of contractors on your behalf; and administration of projects through to the end of the contract term and into occupation.

Refurbishments help us to create more space, reduce energy consumption and preserve our cultural heritage while bringing the building up to latest technical standards. Renovation not only honours the past, it also means looking into the future!

We partner with the right third-party specialists and provide a one-stop service for existing buildings – with all the necessary knowledge gathered in one place to meet any client need.

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