Abdullah M. Al Jassmi, Chairman
BSc Civil Engineering

Since Al Burj Engineering Consultant set up its first office in Abu Dhabi, Engineer Abdullah Al Jassmi has steered the company strategically and established Planning, Architecture, Engineering & Supervision offices in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE.

Exceptional leaders like Abdullah Al Jassmi have the ability to look into their company’s future and make clear, concrete goals that will benefit their organization. They are confident and optimistic, inspiring enthusiasm in those around them.

Abdulla Al Jassmi’s strong leadership coupled with a proven track record has enabled him in providing exceptional Architectural & Engineering services which have enabled Al Burj in developing a strong reputation in the UAE & Saudi Arabia’s government sector.

Abdullah Al Jassmi constantly pursues innovative business partnerships to ride out of the winds of change, spring boarding Al Burj Engineering from its birthplace to global recognition.

Dr. Hamad A. Al Jassmi, Vice President
BSc Civil Engineering, Masters in Business Administration, Ph.D – Civil Engineering

Having obtained his PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of New South Wales in Australia, ranked 45th worldwide by QS, Dr Hamad Al Jassmi joined Al Burj Engineering Consultants in 2013.

With the aim of driving the transformational changes necessary to create a higher performing organization, Dr Hamad Al Jassmi is primarily focused at introducing the three vital components of successful change: client focus, innovation and agility in Al Burj Engineering Consultants.

Appreciating the challenges that rise due to increased urban population, Dr Hamad’s vision for Al Burj is to be at the forefront of playing a key role in developing infrastructure that meets this region’s unique social, economic, environmental and cultural needs.

On the basis of providing comprehensive services, encompassing budget, quality and sustainability requirements, Dr Hamad has built strong relationships with key government and private sector clients in the UAE & Saudi Arabia. 

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